Semruk is an important mythological element. He is a celestial being in the form of a double-headed eagle. It covers the Sun with its right wing and the Moon with its left wing. Semruk also symbolizes universal duality. The contrast and duality that provides the universal balance such as light and darkness, goodness and evil, night and day in the universe is embodied in Semruk.


In the middle of the Heaven and Earth, the two eagles began to revolve around each other in accordance with the rotation of the universe, and then they fused with each other and became a single entity. Two heads, one facing east and the other west. This symbolizes a creature that feeds on the knowledge, culture and developments of both the east and the west. It also includes blending the rationality of the West and the emotions of the East.


Semruk lives at the top of the Tree of Life. living on the Tree of Life; indicates the importance of life. It is said that he drank the water of immortality.


He is the guardian of the gate of heaven. Semruk holds the steel door between heaven and earth in mythology. This represents a being whose feet are on the ground but whose gaze is always in the sky.


Semruk Games is a game company founded in 2021. Setting off with an experienced and creative team, Semruk Games was established with the aim of making games that will appeal to all ages. We plan to provide entertainment for all ages, from educational games to serious games.


While developing games for both mobile and different platforms, our aim is to be a company that achieves things around the world. The company, which is completely blended with the culture of remote work, plans to include experts and talented names from many parts of the world.

We are here because we are passionate about gaming, and we will be developing games not only for fun but also for increasing awareness. We will continue our journey by creating innovative mechanics, by listening to feedback from our players, by attempting to be unattempt. We are spreading our wings for future goals. We are an independent game studio, we are Semruk Games!